VWH Studio

Vincent Hawley is an American artist. He works in numerous mediums, including metal, oil paint, ink and acrylic to create large-scale sculpture, wearable art, and abstract and realistic paintings. Vincent received his BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. He then went on to study in Florence, Italy for a number of years. He has exhibited in galleries and has work in private collections across the United States and Europe. His pieces are also part of public collections in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Vincent currently lives and works in Lambertville, New Jersey


In the blackened jewelry pieces Vincent creates, he uses a Korean process known as Keum-Boo. This process entails fusing thin pure gold sheet to the surface of fine silver. This creates a bond that can be soldered and worked as a single metal. The blackening is an acid that etches into the silver but does not touch the gold.


Each piece is lovingly made by hand. This means there are slight variations between each individual piece even in pairs of earrings. This adds to the uniqueness of each piece and the artistic quality.